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Ellipsoid undertakes construction, planning, procurement of materials, design projects, project management, team building, contract manufacturing, retail furniture, office maintenance and refurbishments. All of our products and procedures are subject to thorough scrutiny, both internally (inhouse) and externally (by third parties or clients). This guarantees our deliverables to be consistent with a client’s expectations in terms of serviceability, long term performance, ensuring the safety and welfare of employees, the end user and the general public.
Demolition,Electrical construction work,Roof construction work,Industrial construction work,Remodeling construction work,Residential construction work,Commercial construction work,Foundation and wall construction,Painting works,Fall ceiling design,House construction
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Everything that has to do with infrastructure, functionality and location is translated through the projects we execute. Right from planning an entire city, locality, building, etc. through to execution, Ellipsoid envisions futuristic projects that will help propel India to the 21st-century economy in terms of facilities and public services. Ellipsoid Constructions undertake all major civil projects from individuals, contractors, construction companies, builders and developers. We have completed several projects in Bengaluru that have contributed towards the city upholding its title of Garden City and IT capital of India.


Innovation, State-of-the-Art Technology and IT Infrastructure enable Ellipsoid to deliver efficient and effective civil solutions in India. We undertake construction of approved proposals for projects ranging from construction of Stations, ports, industrial plants, banks, bridges, tunnels, Metros, power plants, defense facilities, etc and successfully deliver the same on time and on budget. We utilize scarce resources available to us at minimal cost to the environment, Public and Clientele. Our specialists undertake civil, electrical and LAN cabling, HVAC, storage, furniture, glazing and cladding, etc. each specialized in a different field.


Ellipsoid Constructions emphasis critical importance on the interiors of any space, office, retail outlet, hotels, restaurants, branches or otherwise. Our Interior services include false ceilings, partitions, flooring, carpentry, painting and wall finishing, electrical, plumbing, sanitation, retail and office furniture through specialized teams dedicated and experienced in their respective fields. We use the latest software to artificially design interiors to give you an idea of what the completed project would look like. We start on a project only once a client is completely satisfied with the layout, materials and design.


Design is a critical component of construction because interior design is an art and science that can be manipulated to enhance the interiors of an office, building, bank, etc as well as the exteriors. Some of the features of Ellipsoid Interiors are:

Comfort – We make our design plans with your comfort in mind, along with accessibility and convenience. For example: using glass doors as partitions to separate spaces.
Uniqueness – No two designs are the same, unless you want it that way. We ensure our interior office designs are unique to your taste whether it be geometric or concentric, dull or bright.
Latest Trends – We are up-to-date with the latest trends in interior design to facilitate sleek and minimalistic offices, banks, work spaces, etc. and features within these enclosures.
Personalization and Customization – Every customer and owner can select or specify the design of the interior of their project, enabling a high degree of personalization and customization.




Ellipsoid offers insightful industry expertise. We have created strategic teams, each with professional competence, industry experience, international certification and creativity. We and our experts are part of the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) that adheres to the Codes and Standards stipulated by the IPA to promote advancements in plumbing and building in India. Our industry experts are competent in training, development, education, conferences, product testing, certifications and affiliations.


A few essential elements of the building and construction industry include but are not limited to efficient plumbing, planned disposal, sanitation and fire fighting installations. These critical factors cannot be overlooked as is the trend with quite a few constructors and builders. At Ellipsoid, we undertake fire-fighting, plumbing and sanitation measures on all our projects to ensure safety, health and hygiene in our projects and constructions.



Ellipsoid Constructions has a long history working with the leading construction and building products firms. We have worked with our clients across multiple global and regional construction market cycles—together with our clients, we develop strategies and tactics that will deliver results across favorable and unfavorable market environments.



Knowledge and Experience in construction are critical. Ellipsoid offers both, along with additional value and expertise to clients that may have queries with respect to civil construction, infrastructure, plumbing, etc. We mainly undertake projects that include, but are not limited to Shopping Malls, Stadiums, Bridges, Dams, Temples, Churches, Government Buildings, Flyovers and a lot more. Design as a function can rarely have rules attached to it. Our designers use creative ideas to develop unique projects and all we do is suggest a basic framework. All improvements and development of the project is left up to the discretion of the client. Although, with more freedom comes challenging conceptualization and execution, we are always ready to cater to our clients, potential customers and the general public. If you have any queries, please feel free to
Contact: Mr. Pradhan. on +91 – 95357 19882 or
Write to: info@ellipsoidconstructions.com