Ellipsoid Constructions | Approach
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At Ellipsoid, our approach is to look at the bigger picture differently. Our goals, approach and strategy is not limited to just completing a monetary transaction, but goes beyond what our competitors are doing in the space. Right from planning to project completion, we take our clients on an informed journey each step of the way.


Effective Project Management is a key area that we specialize in which enables us to complete a project of the highest quality on time, on budget and based on a clients requirements. We take pride in our projects that are functional and aesthetically pleasing for any desired environment. Effective project management is executed by qualified project managers. These managers extensively analyze projects and assess the levels of risk associated with the project’s activities. This enables us to plan in advance for any risk that may arise in the foreseeable future. Any risk might delay a project’s deliverables and it is important to negate and plan for any associated risk.


An expert is a person who is creative and responsible for planning, research, coordination, project management and execution of a project. Construction is a multifaceted profession and we have the best in-house designers, engineers and workforce dedicated to conceptual development, space planning, site inspection, programming, development to name a few. Our experts construct and design as per user specifications to ensure that a customer is satisfied with their requirement, right from civil projects to plumbing and fire fighting, we do it all on time and on budget.


Construction and infrastructure are our core area of specialization. We envisage every minute detail with respect to construction to align a client’s requirements with the most efficient and effective infrastructure strategy. All our projects are subject to 5 stages of construction, namely:

  • Analyze

    We start out by analyzing and planning a project based on the customer’s needs and timelines with the customer. Once a customer has described their requirements, we move on to design and documentation. Based on the proposed designs, a customer can virtually visualize the desired project.

  • Scope and Budgeting

    After a design is finalized, we accurately estimate the budget required based on resource requirement and arrange the tender documents. We utilize available resources to the maximum and optimize all costs incurred so that you get the best bang for your buck.

  • Procurement

    With strategic procurement principles, Ellipsoid procures materials, services and consultants on an on-going basis to fulfill all your requirements. We ensure to never run low on stock, experts or resources otherwise, it would negatively impact the timelines of a project.

  • Delivery

    Execution involves construction using resources within the proposed/estimated budget to successfully deliver a project to a client without any compromise on the quality of the project. We also ensure health safety, occupational health and environmental compliance with all our construction projects.

  • Handover

    Yes, your approval is the final step in the process. Before we handover the project, we go through an entire checklist to make sure a customer gets everything they asked for.