• Ellipsoid is an Interior Construction and Project Management firm. We specialize in retail and commercial projects across.
  • Ellipsoid works with companies of all sizes to start or grow a successful brand and real estate portfolio.
  • We integrate ourselves into your brand and communicate our passion through creative design and dedicated project management.
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Partitions and Wall Dividers

Partitions play a vital role in dividing your infrastructure. It develops easy access, use-ability and improve workability for your operations. Ellipsoid can design and plan a right partitioning system to meet your needs which is critical. Our range of partitioning systems is completely flexible, interchangeable and moveable providing the flexibility required for every workplace.

Ellipsoid offers a range of solid, semi-solid (perforated), glass, metallic and demountable full height and partial height partitions.


  • Gypsum Partitions

  • Modular Board Partitions

  • Fire rated Partitions

  • Wooden Partitions (Veneer or Laminated)

  • Glass Partitions (Plain Glass, Frosted glass, Glass Blocks etc)

  • Metallic Partitions (SS or Aluminum)

  • PVC Partitions

  • Acrylic Partitions


Ellipsoid can help you in selecting specific partitioning for the specific areas to achieve maximum natural light to motivate and develop confidence of the end-users.

Ellipsoid can offer solutions or work closely with you to give you a customized personal, unique and individual space for development of your brand and advertising.

We can improve the acoustic performance, optimize daylight to improve indoor environment dramatically by using sound absorption and attenuation materials, wall paints and wall papers.


About Us

Ellipsoid is a team of enthusiastic experienced engineers striving to deliver landmark interior projects to the industry. 

We offer skilled staff, project experience and capability to deliver a wide variety of infrastructure solutions. Ellipsoid is committed to keeping abreast of modern fit-outs and market trends through a network of equipment and material supply partners locally and internationally.


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