• Ellipsoid is an Interior Construction and Project Management firm. We specialize in retail and commercial projects across.
  • Ellipsoid works with companies of all sizes to start or grow a successful brand and real estate portfolio.
  • We integrate ourselves into your brand and communicate our passion through creative design and dedicated project management.
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Ellipsoid is a value-driven company. We are trying to establish a progressive corporate sustainability strategy that allows us to 

  • Support the communities where we work
  • Create a safe and rewarding work environment
  • Reduce our impact on the environment and improve environmental impacts within the industries in which we work
  • Make sound economic decisions

As an emerging company in our industry we are in a position to make investments and decisions that benefit our company and support the sustainability objectives of our clients.

In reality it is no longer just about sot as panels & wasting paper. It is about cultivating a culture about conservation to prevail over consumption. The world is constantly changing and the human race is consistently finding new ways to curt the unnecessary spend on waste and energy loss, matching how nature worked for millions of years before in the cycle to evolution. Being a part of that movement is what sustainability is all about.




About Us

Ellipsoid is a team of enthusiastic experienced engineers striving to deliver landmark interior projects to the industry. 

We offer skilled staff, project experience and capability to deliver a wide variety of infrastructure solutions. Ellipsoid is committed to keeping abreast of modern fit-outs and market trends through a network of equipment and material supply partners locally and internationally.


Contact Us

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