Ellipsoid Constructions | About Us
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Who Are We?

Ellipsoid is dedicated to disrupting the construction and design industry with a team of experienced engineers striving to deliver innovative and timeless projects. We offer skilled staff, project experience, international accreditation and the capability to deliver a wide range of infrastructure solutions. Ellipsoid differentiates itself from other fit-outs and competitors through a network of local and international equipment and material supply partners.

What Do We Do?

Ellipsoid undertakes construction, planning, procurement of materials, design projects, project management, team building, contract manufacturing, retail furniture, office maintenance and refurbishments. All of our products and procedures are subject to thorough scrutiny, both internally (inhouse) and externally (by third parties or clients). This guarantees our deliverables to be consistent with a client’s expectations in terms of serviceability, long term performance, ensuring the safety and welfare of employees, the end user and the general public.

Why Ellipsoid?

Ellipsoid has the reputation of being an industry leader in innovation, technology, project management and successful delivery of projects. We are engaged with all our clients on a long-term basis providing modern solutions to construction and design being client-centric, environment-friendly and community-oriented.